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About Mayer

Mayer Feintechnik: Your experienced partner for precision metalworking in Germany. With over 50 years of industry expertise, we combine tradition and innovation to deliver outstanding performance. As a leading system supplier, we set standards in precision work and exceed the expectations of our valued customers from various industries, including renowned companies. Rely on our world-class metalworking solutions.

What we stand for

Our mission and vision at Mayer Feintechnik are firmly built on a foundation of eight core values: Precision, Quality, Reliability, Innovation, Partnership, Sustainability, Customer Focus and Integrity. These values guide us in our efforts to set the highest standards in precision engineering. In doing so, we always act in an environmentally responsible manner and focus on the success and needs of our customers. Through a corporate culture that not only embodies but actively promotes these values, we strive to be a leader in precision technology.
Our commitment to our employees and their development is at the core of our organization...
We understand that sustainable relationships are the key to success in the machining industry...
At Andra Tech Group, reliability is the cornerstone of our operation...

Andra tech group

This company is a member of Andra Tech Group. The companies within the group operate independently and differ from each other on the basis of complexity, volumes and accuracy of mechanics produced.
700 employees, 11 production locations and more than 100 years of experience in the manufacturing industry


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