Andra Tech Group

People. Make. Technology.

The seven companies within Andra Tech Group focus on producing high-quality, precision mechanical parts. The companies within the group operate independently and differentiate themselves from each other based on complexity, volumes and accuracy of the mechanics produced. With this, the individual companies have each built a strong reputation with customers in various industries including semicon, packaging, food, automotive and aerospace. Within Andra Tech Group, we cooperate when it comes to, for instance, recruitment and investment financing, but also, for instance, by sharing specific knowledge. We do this through so-called competence centres, currently for 3D metal printing and Cleaning & Qualification.

Andra Tech Group currently consists of DKH, HFI, Jatec, Kusters, Lemmens, Lucassen, Mayer Feintechniek (DE), Visietech and Wilting.

700 employees, 11 production locations and more than 55 years of experience in the manufacturing industry