Our organization's foundation is built on our unwavering commitment to employee development. We firmly believe in unlocking the potential within every individual, empowering them to make a significant impact. We cultivate a dynamic and stimulating environment where this potential can thrive

Attention – Putting People First

At Andra Tech, the individual matters, and you make the difference. We place great importance on the personal attention we give to our employees. Your growth and well-being are of utmost importance to us. We listen to your needs, offer support, and strive to create a work culture in which you feel valued and engaged.

Mastery - Forging Ahead with Technology

At Andra Tech Group, we work at the very front of the manufacturing industry, and we produce the most intricate precision components using the latest technologies. Our craftsmanship and pursuit of perfection are our hallmarks. As part of our team, you will have the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technologies and take your skills to a new level. Become part of our innovative team and help shape the future of the manufacturing industry.

Development - Focused on Growth

At Andra Tech Group, we focus on continuous growth and development for both our people and our company. We invest in people, technology and innovation. Our goal is to develop your full professional potential and grow together. Here, you are not just an employee, but an integral part of our success story. Join our dynamic and innovative community where your personal and professional development is paramount. Together we are shaping a better future where people and technology go hand in hand.